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Our focus is to develop software based platforms and solutions around the following key elements.

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Turismo Itacaré

An online tourism web and mobile platform designed to deal with Accommodation, Tours, and Car Rental. This project is the second generation of a series of websites based on a common platform designed to be seamlessly rolled out for travel agencies.

Key technical features include
The solution offering
  • Being able to support numerous product types including but not limited to Accommodation, Tours and Car Rental
  • The ability to book numerous product types at the same time, giving the visitor the capability to build a custom travel package based on their particular needs.
  • Visitors can check availability along with season based pricing for each product sold.
  • Social media integration and a customisable blog and news section.
  • True multilingual support.

Tourism Cairns

An online tourism based website that deals primarily with Tours. This project was the first generation of a series of websites based on our common travel agency platform.

Key technical features include
The solution offering
  • Advanced search feature / questionnaire asking the end user to supply unique details about their visit as to suggest the most suitable products for their particular needs.
  • Offers season based rate management in a seamless administration environment.
  • The ability to book more than one product through an online itinerary builder.
  • Promotion codes can be entered at the time of booking offering the end user a discount.
  • PDF tickets / vouchers are generated upon booking confirmation and are sent via email to the customer.

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